Paper Kisses

A bundle of love letters discovered by chance in a barn wall in Carleton, Skipton, North yourshire.

It reveals two lives, written 100 years ago by Lizzie Sutcliffe of Blackburn to Tom Anderson, a farmer in Carleton, they tell a classic tale of love, seduction and betrayal.

Drawing of man from Paper Kisses story 

Dramatised by Brian Thompson.

Patrick Hargreaves the director and producer of the film Paper Kisses gave a talk about the making of the film in March at the Village Hall.

Paper Kisses Village Hall Talk
The talk at the village Hall on 26 March 2011 was well attended and very interesting.

An explanation about the story and the making of the film, also pictures,

Census records of Thomas Anderson ans Lizzie Sutcliffe.

Newspaper cuttings about the film.

Script and shooting schedule.

A big thank you to Carleton Archive Team for their support and organisational skills to make the evening run so well


Carleton School PTA for the tea and cakes.


A DVD of the film is available, please send me an email if you are interested.

All profits from the DVD will be donated to Sue Ryder Charity.

If anyone has any information about the story and would like to share it, please get in touch.

A letter from John,  who lived in Manor House, the same area where the letters were discovered
This was sent to me by John who lived in Manor house.

We lived at Manor House Farm from 1944 to 1953 where my father was a tennant farmer.

The farm was about 30 acres and was mainly dairy (about 20 milking cows).

About 1948 he expanded with sheep and leased a stretch of moorland from the Hudson estate at Carla Beck in Carleton.

The moorland was on the top road between Park Lane and Mill Hill and could have been about 200 acres.

The farm house was quite basic with cooking on a shire range which heated water but this had to be topped up manually as it probably only contained about a bucket of water.

The cold water supply was from a tank in an adjacent field, however this was prone to short supply in the summer months.

Lighting was from alladin oil lamps, Tilley lamps and candles, but at some previous time the farm had been wired up to a generator and battery system.

We attempted to get someone to try and start the generator but this was not successful and would probably have burnt the place down if it had started.

Bathing was by the old fashioned tin bath filled with hot water from the back boiler and the lavatory was an outside bucket system which had to be emptied manually.

Wireless (radio) was a wet battery system which was replaced every two weeks by Slaters shop in Skipton and groceries were delivered fortnightly from Stockdale & Helm.

We spent quite alot of time in the barn but obviously never suspected that there were any hiding place for letters.


Other Coverage
The Yorkshire Post wrote an article on the finding of the letters and the moving story of the couple, Patrick Hargreaves the Director and Producer of the film explains about the life of Thomas and Lizzie.  Click here to read the story