Historical early 1900’s Carleton Postcards and Photos

The below photographs and postcards were kindly sent in by Judith and Sue who have distant family members that lived in Carleton who she regularly visited (often on Boxing day). Judith and Sue – thank you for these incredible pieces of Carleton history.

Postcards & Photographs

These postcards and photographs were taken from around the Village in the early 1900s and were made by photographers and printers from Carleton, Skipton, and York.

Post Office and The Mills, West Road, Carleton

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This is the main road through Carleton. To the left was the Post Office (now the local Shop). To the right is the Mill that still stands today, but has been transformed into housing.

J Dale Post Cards made in Carleton

Some of the above Postcards are attributed to a J Dale at the Post Office in Carleton, as indicated by the back of the Postcards.

The Seal of Artistic British Excellence

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Stamps used in Carleton

The below are a few examples of the postage stamps that were placed on the back of the postcards.

English Two Penny Postal Stamp featuring King George VI

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Stamped with a Carleton Skipton postal office stamp

William Cecil Slingsby

Willaim Cecil Slingsby was an English Mountain Climber who visited and climbed various Norwegian mountains in the late 1800’s. William (or Cecil, as written on the below) was born in Bell Busk in Gargrave (a 15 minute drive away from Carleton) but then lived in Carleton. The Craven Herald published an in-depth article on William’s life, which is a fascinating read.

William Cecil Slingsby in 1905

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Photographed at the Hubert Henry Photographers in Bradford at Manningham Lane

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