Carleton with an E by Rachel H Naylor

Over twenty years ago, Rachel passionately researched all the information for her Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

The project grew as she realised that there was just so much “history” out there. Ambitiously, she thought that she would write a complete history of Carleton, but this proved to be an overly ambitious task as this small book took several years to collate.

She did not anticipate, at the time, the effect that it would have on Carleton’s inhabitants and visitors alike.

This first reprint was inspired by recent requests for more copies. the history of Carleton is continually being examined and ever evolving.

Like the stories and anecdotes the future of the village is infinite.

This edition has fundamentally been copied from the original, with some amendments, She  still emphasizes that this is a collection of fabulous tales embellished with a few historical facts and must be read keeping this in mind.

Rachel H. Skipsey (nee Naylor) Queensland, Austrialia, 2010