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I’ve decided to keep a blog during these odd times in an attempt to document it and hopefully share some interesting content. Main Document list

29/03/2020 – 10 Days later…

So, Here we areā€¦. Just over a week in since life changed for many. Routines which have been taken for granted over decades, now put on hold.

The Government currently lead by science which now says this might keep on for quite a while. I dont feel worried, however I do feel life could be changing forever.

I understand social distancing and stopping local but that want to escape is strong. We just need to keep it up for a while until it passes. A small sacrifice I guess for what could be very important.

Anyway, Todays read.. Hopefully you have managed to get through the last two and understand what used to happen in Lothersdale. Its quite an important part into the Carleton and Lothersdale Parish. I’m hoping in a way as I post these books, it builds a picture up of what life was like.

History of Skipton by W. H. Dawson – https://archive.org/details/historyofskipton00daws/mode/2up

You will find repetition of sorts between the books I post but I feel it help hooks things into memory a little.

In the past week we have seen the emergence of Video Conferencing being quite a thing to keep social contact with those now out of bounds. Its nice to see the “Carleton Arms” and the “CarletonSocial” both growing in members as the days progress. Its definitely worth reaching out and finding out the details via CarletonWeb, Aslong as you have a function Webex App and Skype account you will be well on your way. Please ensure you use the free/guest accounts available.

23:06 29/03/2020

22/03/2020 – The First 24 Hours

I’m pretty sure that on Friday at 4pm we were expecting an announcement on further restrictions, but not the immediate closure of all Leisure Facilities, Pubs, Clubs, etc.

Saturday came an went as quickly as it arrived. Panic buying seemed to be in full swing still and the flurry of social media posts followed.

Everyone seemed a little dazed in a way and took to the streets visiting places they shouldn’t be visiting and basically being a pain in the backside. So much for social distancing!

Sunday broke and the realisation seems to be setting in that we need to start upping our game and distance ourselves from what we have taken for granted.

We no longer have free socialisation which we are used to, its basically open house arrest?

Anyway, now we are all indoors and encouraged to stay as local as we can to help prevent the spread, I thought I would share a few of my thoughts. It will not be perfect but I hope to share information on the local area and associated history. I will be updating a main page which will have them in a decent list.

Tonight I shall share a couple of links on the history of Lothersdale.

The first is a program that was shown on BBC One at 21:25 on Tuesday 1st April. “Lothersdale : An image of England”. Its 50 minutes long so make sure you have a cup of tea at the ready! – Watch on YouTube!

Next up is “The History of Lothersdale by Kenneth Wilson and associated writers” The above program seems to be based on the book and offers a much more indepth history including Carleton-in-Craven. – External link to PDF

Keep safe all

22:33 22/03/20