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About The website

CarletonInCraven.co.uk, formally known as CarletonWeb.co.uk, was set up back in 2008 by a villager with a passion for websites (and the internet as a whole), and his family helping him fill it with content.

The years passed and the villager was busy building websites and working in Internet Marketing and CarletonWeb took a side-line for a while.

In early 2013 CarletonInCraven.co.uk was born. It was CarletonWeb redesigned, a much needed refresh in terms of design and content. With all new code powering the site, and an up-to-date design, it’s now much easier to keep up to date and for other villagers to suggest content, with forms on each page.

CarletonInCraven.co.uk is the #1 source for information regarding Carleton in Craven, with over 3000 websites visits every year! This number has increased year on year.